Riki Ueda is not your average travel writer and explorer. The Journalism and Communications graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong started her life as a travel reporter; although her work took her to many places around the world, she soon became increasingly frustrated with the need to churn out mundane and stereotypical articles about eating and shopping. The general consumerism triggered her to re-think the true meaning of travel, but Riki did not want to wait for the ‘right moment’ to see the world – she knew it was now or never, so she quit her job and turned to freelance travel writing as well as working holidays to fund her travels. She made a conscious effort to truly immerse herself in local culture, travelling for extended periods of time off the beaten track and living amongst the locals.

Riki is now the proud author of two published travel books, “Estoy Loca Por España” and “The Meaning of Quitting my Job to Travel”, and continues her writing for leading travel magazines and newspapers.


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