Based in Oslo, Norway, Ahmed Kerigo is a Calisthenics pioneer that has overcome the odds to achieve celebrity status. Ahmed is the Founder of Team Physix Norway, one of the nation’s largest and most notorious street workout organisations, and was crowned Scandinavian Street Workout Champion in 2014. Ahmed is also a two-time world record holder for his plyometric ‘flying’ push-ups. But things weren’t always like this. At the age of 16, Ahmed was placed in a youth home for disadvantaged kids. His father left the family in 1998, and what was supposed to be a journey of closure to London in search of his father led to a life of crime and sleeping rough. After 4 years of hell, Ahmed picked himself up and returned home to Norway where he rebuilt his life, and made it his mission to help motivate others. The rest, as they say, is history, and Ahmed is now a reputable motivational speaker, giving regular speeches and talks to troubled youths, schools and commercial organisations.


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